Chairman’s Keynote Speech- From Ocean to NTOU, Global Ocean Affairs and Perersonal Development

On April 14, Prof. Ching-Feng Chang, Chairman of MAMA, was invited by the “NTOU Marine Talent Lecture Series” to give a lecture titled “From The Ocean to NTOU: From Global & Ocean to Personal Development in NTOU”, in which he discussed the relationship between the world and the ocean to the recent emerging projects and future development trends of the marine industry.

It was mentioned that five of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals are related to the ocean, and the one most directly related to the ocean is the “conservation and protection of marine resources”. The ocean is a rich asset, with potential for mineral and renewable energy in addition to fisheries resources, and the current trend is to develop marine resources sustainably. Mr. Chang also shared his experience in bringing maritime education into line with the industry during his tenure as President of National Taiwan Ocean University.

At the end of the speech, Prof. Chang encouraged all students to explore their own future from their professional projects and become professionals in the maritime industry.