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A Tale of Two Taiwan: Perspectives from an Offshore Wind Engineer

Taiwan’s outdated regulations reduce the efficiency of offshore wind power development and significantly increase operating costs. Unfriendly policies have led many large EPC companies to consider leaving. How can Taiwan reverse this situation? If, over the next twelve months, Taiwan assembles a group of key government stakeholders from across the departments with a clear focus […]

The Top 3 Challenges in Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Power Projects

Affected by the epidemic, offshore wind power projects have been seriously delayed in the past 2 years, which has triggered concerns from the interbank and affected the progress of renewable energy policies and the stability of the power supply in the future. The development of renewable energy has become unstoppable, and the international community is […]

Development and Vision of Taiwan’s Marine Affairs -Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ching-Ta Chuang

Dr.  Ching-Ta Chuang ,Emeritus Professor of National Taiwan Ocean Universty, Chairman of OISCA Taiwan Specialized fields: Marine economics & leisure industry, marine sociology and community development, island sustainability & marine ecological conservation, and marine environmental policy Experience: Former Vice Chairman of the Ocean Affairs Council The 21st century is the century of ocean thinking, and […]

Japan to Release Contaminated Fukushima Plant Water into Pacific – CY Huang Opinion

The Japanese government announced on April 13 that it expects to start releasing 1.23 million tons of nuclear contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea two years from now. The announcement was met with serious protests and representations from neighboring countries, including China, South Korea, and North Korea. The Japan […]

Taiwan and Southeast Asia Ocean Economy News Highlights Apr.17th- 28th

Taiwan Ocean Economy Marine Conservation Agency Promotes “Taiwan Friendly Fishing Action Plan The Marine Conservation Administration of the Ocean Affairs Commission of the Executive Yuan, in line with the “Tribute to the Sea” policy, promotes the “Friendly Fishing Action Plan.” 78 fishing spots have been announced and opened for fishing throughout Taiwan. For more information […]

MAMA Biweekly Newsletter- Apr.7th 2021

Offshore Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Challenges in Taiwan Exclusive Interview – Alex Ma (General Manager of Lian Tat Company)      According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, Asia’s offshore wind market will account for 60% of the global market by 2050, indicating that the main battleground will focus on the Asia – Pacific […]

MAMA Biweekly Newsletter – Mar. 17th 2021

Exclusive Interview – Ching-Fong Chang (Chairman of MAMA) Taiwan Marine Biotechnology Development Trends in the next 3-5 years Taiwan’s applied biotechnology industry output for 2020 is approximately US $3.8 billion. The public is paying more and more attention to health and environmental issues. The world’s overall trend is towards public health, food safety, and improving […]

MAMA Biweekly Newsletter – Jan. 27th 2021

The MAMA View – Interviewing CY Huang (Founder at MAMA) Introduction of CY Huang He’s one of the key leaders in the Greater China investment banking industry with over 30 years of experience in investment and advisory. One of the most sought-after opinion leaders on issues impacting regional financial markets, recently interviewed by Financial Times. […]