The Establishment of MAMA: Creating a cross-sector, cross-region and cross ocean resource integration platform

(23 Sep. 2020, Taipei) Taiwan is surrounded by sea and built as an Ocean Nation. Its existence and development are closely related to ocean. The government shows great focus on ocean policies and affairs in recent years, with the establishment of the “Ocean Affairs Council”, promulgation of the “Ocean Basic Act”, and issuance of the “National Ocean Policy White Paper”, it’s taking proactive measures to encourage national people to focus on ocean related issues, and is determined to achieving the sustainable development of ocean. President Tsai Ing-wen’s expectation of “Base in Taiwan, Sail to Ocean” proclaims that Taiwan should not be limited by ocean, but reaching out to the world through ocean.

The Alliance is founded responding to government’s call and expectation for private sector to assist in promotion of ocean related research and affairs, and to align with global ocean trends. We hope that the establishment of MAMA can integrate resources from different sectors and regions.

The Marine Alliance is composed of six fields – Ocean Policy, Smart Ocean, Ocean Biology, Ocean Resources, Ocean Industry and Ocean Culture. It links and integrates resources in each field with the concept of ecosystem, all sector members of industry, government, and academia participating on this networking platform will have opportunity to contribute expertise, share resources, co-work and prosper.

MAMA has three main features:

  1. International: Besides connecting with Israeli’s ocean research, MAMA will work closely with organizations from Mediterranean and Asia to improve Taiwan’s research capability and to enhance recognition of Taiwan’s participation in maritime affairs globally.
  2. Industry: MAMA will provide industry-academia cooperation platform for ocean related industries such as fishing, biotech, shipbuilding, offshore construction and tourism. Its expected to find the niche markets in the vast range of ocean industry.
  3. Investment: Ocean industries need huge investments support from financial industries, but the linkage between the two is limited in Taiwan. MAMA’s platform will connect innovations and funding, bridging the demand and supply of funds and accelerating the development of ocean industry projects.

The Opening Ceremony has attended by about 160 guests from organizations related to ocean affairs including industry, government, academia and research. Yu-Han Tsou – Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Yeh, Hsieh-Lung – Director General of Maritime and Port Bureau, Chen, Yeong-Kang, Admiral – Former Vice Minister, Ministry of National Defense, Omer Caspi – Representative of Israel Economic and Chuang, Ching-ta – Deputy Minister of Ocean Affairs Council gave speeches and congratulated the establishment of MAMA.

C.Y. Huang, chairman of Lian Tat Company, Ltd. and CEO of Tunghai Industrial Smart-Transformation Center, is the initiator of MAMA. He emphasized that MAMA is the first cross-region platform founded and established by private enterprise and organization in Taiwan to facilitate cooperation and interaction between Mediterranean and Asia, MAMA is dedicated to gain Taiwan’s worldwide recognition in ocean research and industry, and to bridge global leading ocean developments.

Ching-Fong Chang, Ph.D, chairman of MAMA, Taiwan, being an Ocean Nation, should have overall, macro maritime strategy and tactics (practices) so as to integrate the resources and strengths of Taiwan and world, create sustainable ocean development and utilization, and steer the blue economy. The disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea revealed the importance of ocean strategies. MAMA will integrate the strength from government, academia, industry and research crossing Asia and Mediterranean. MAMA will become one of the most important international ocean platforms.

The establishment of MAMA is a beginning. We expect to raise public awareness, and to connect with more partners through MAMA. Building Taiwan to join the international ocean ecosystem, and assisting Taiwan become a genuine ocean nation. Embrace Ocean, Voyaging World!

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